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Stories that do more than just inspire…

A waiter at a Houston, Texas restaurant is being hailed a hero on the web for standing up to customers who he believes were discriminating against a special needs child. Michael Garcia of Laurenzo's denied service to a family complaining about a boy with Down syndrome at a nearby table.








She was labeled brain damaged at age 2 and a half. And didn’t speak until she was 4 years old. Not a very promising beginning for Temple Grandin, who was eventually diagnosed with autism. But today, she is a noted expert in both animal science and autism.

“Autism is a very big spectrum,” said Grandin. “At one end of the spectrum you got Einstein, who had no language until age 3, and at the other end of the spectrum you got somebody much more severe that’s not verbal, they have to live under a supervised situation.”
Isaiah, then 5, was having an uncontrollable tantrum on the beach due to sensory overload, a symptom of autism. He took Isaiah in the ocean and they paddled out together on his board through the waves, just as his father had done with him. “A calm came over him. He was loose and relaxed, and genuinely happy,” says Izzy. “He was a regular boy out there doing what I always dreamed of doing with him.”
Jason McElwain Autistic basketball assistant gets a chance to play one game and shines to the delight of the entire school. Very inspiring.